Although a sophisticated tool, the STEM Integrity 10, whether operating by itself or as part of the full Clarity System, is a joy to use and does not require formal training; it is designed to be “out of the box” to operational within 10 minutes.

The integrated microprocessor is controlled through a user-friendly 145 mm touchscreen, which greatly simplifies operation and enables rapid “at a glance” assessment of each critical parameter in the reaction. The course of the reaction within each cell may be monitored directly on this touchscreen, enabling trend analysis (e.g. for solubility tests using turbidity measurements) to be done without needing to connect to a laptop. However, should you require this, all data is downloadable through a USB port to a PC, USB storage device or SD card.

The touchscreen menu is intuitive, with clear icons to reduce the potential for costly errors. Pre-programmed profiles may be set up for routine measurements, and
there is also a manual override option to programme ‘set points’ and ramps for individual processes if required.

The touchscreen automatically appears when the unit is powered up and the software has loaded. You may then select your cell/position on the touchscreen.

The options on the touchscreen offer you the choice of running a manual or automatic profile.

The touchscreen allows you to set up cooling and heating ramps and establish a temperature profile for each cell. You can set up cycle runs too by choosing how many times you would like this profile to repeat.

In the event of any problem, you are automatically alerted through warnings on the touchscreen. This ensures that you remain in control of the process,
and that the profile you have programmed is running as planned.

Monitor the results of your experiments as they happen, displayed on the monitor.