The front-mounted 145 mm microprocessor touchscreen is simplicity itself to operate, giving you complete control over the temperature and stirring conditions of each cell in the reaction block.

Choice of temperature profile and stirring parameters

Prompts to guide you in your selections

Intuitive icons to reduce the potential for costly errors

Real-time editing of ramp rates, run times and set points

Tailored temperature profiles
• Curves can be programmed into the temperature profiles
• Integrated data base options for frequently used profiles

Flexibility as all parameters can be changed during the process

At-a-glance display of the results graphically
Visibility of each cell on the microprocessor screen to provide immediate and on-going access to the progress of the reactions within each cell

Automatic functions for:
• Recording of the reaction profile for each cell for
all important parameters
• Scaling of data
• Self-diagnostic warning system to flag any errors immediately

Historical records:
• All data is captured and can be viewed historically
• Extensive storage capability
• Protection of run event history logs through userpass codes and control lockouts

Data is extractable to a PC via a USB port or SD card for more in-depth analysis and evaluation of the results