The STEM Integrity 10 Reaction Station is a very timeefficient way of conducting chemical experiments, speeding up investigative chemistry by up to 10-fold.
Chemical reactions, involving either synthetic chemicals or naturally occurring substances, are universally impacted by
heat and the STEM Integrity 10 lets you assess the impact of both temperature and stirring rate upon reactions.

The beauty of the STEM Integrity 10 is that it combines flexibility with accuracy: It allows you to run 10 experimental variants simultaneously within the same unit, whose temperature and stir rate you can precisely and individually control. You can design temperature profiles for each individual experiment and record everything electronically; all results are captured and stored automatically, so you can be working (or relaxing) elsewhere whilst the STEM Integrity 10 has everything under control.

You can add further refinements to increase the usefulness of this apparatus, for example, by adding reflux condensers to maintain sample volumes. As an accessory, PTFE gas inlet/outlet heads permit working under vacuum conditions or inert gas conditions with a nitrogen or argon blanket. The possibilities for attachments are endless, and to illustrate this, we have developed a Clarity System which utilises the STEM Integrity 10 to conduct solubility and crystallisation studies.

Whilst there is obvious potential for screening reactionsin investigative chemistry or drug discovery laboratories, let’s not forget about process monitoring laboratories.

The STEM Integrity 10 can be very useful for establishing the ideal reaction conditions of many industrial chemical processes and can more than earn its keep as a great trouble-shooter, pinpointing the cause of process malfunctions due to temperature.

It saves time, bench space and electricity, is easy to clean, and since the working volume of each reaction cell is between 2 and 25ml, it is very economical on reagents as well.

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