The STEM Integrity 10 Reaction Station is available in two formats depending upon your needs:

Option 1, the STEM Integrity 10 unit by itself, is generally useful for a wide range of reactions or processes in which temperature plays a major role, regardless of the industry. Within a temperature band of -30°C to 150°C, it is applicable whether these processes are derived from the petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical or food processing industries.

Different attachments may be added to these reaction cells, such as reflux heads to minimise evaporation and loss of liquid, or PTFE caps for maintaining an inert gas environment, to expand the range of uses for the STEM Integrity 10 Reaction Station.

One attachment that has been specifically designed for the STEM Integrity 10 is a multi-infrared (IR) probe, which isavailable in intrusive or non-intrusive formats. This probe detects infrared transmission, and via turbidity measurements, can be used to determine solubility characteristics of solutions.

This is available as Option 2, the full Clarity System.

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Option 2, the Clarity System, is finding increasing use in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical and food industries for specialist applications. Developed in collaboration with partners at Pfizer and the Illinois Institute of Technology, the Integrity 10 STEM reaction station with integrated software is a powerful tool for determining solubility and crystallisation profiles.

Precise heating and data collection of up to 10 reactor cells in parallel provides rapid measurement of solubility under a range of conditions, whilst individual infrared transmission detectors allow turbidity/solubility measurements to be performed to a standardised endpoint (threshold).

It is envisaged that the full Clarity System would be a great aid in determining the solubility of drugs, the biodegradability of oils, and the crystallisation characteristics of cocoa butter to name just a few potential applications.

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